Safe Searching

Please be careful searching for information on your favorite search engines! There are some very deceptive advertisements and links that can lead to disastrous results for your device. If you look at the snippet that we used for the feature image you can see we used Google to give us some results for the string “hp support number”.  Google has taken the liberty of providing us with a little blurb on the right with some company information for HP provided by Wikipedia, not entirely to be trusted, but that is better left for another topic.  Some search results will also give ads on the left and right for products and services matching your search strings. Some of those may be legit and some may not. If you notice the first few results are ad driven paid placement, none of which are HP sites if you look at the link in green.  The big support number is a Google provided scraped result, from HP’s website most likely.  Then we get to the actual results that we would normally be looking for.  So the point being is don’t always click the first thing that comes up. These ads can sometimes be very deceptive and lead you to a link that could infect your computer with malware, lock up your browser or provide you with information that could lead you to being connected to a scammer that will make every attempt to get your money and possibly leave your device in worse shape that when you started.  Make sure that if you are searching for support numbers for a company, that the numbers you use are ones found on that company’s official website. If you have any doubt, take your device to a professional repair shop with a trusted brand.  Stay safe out there!